FORMAT : CD + LP Deluxe Edition

Honeymoon Suite’s 6th studio album was recorded in a old church in Hamilton ON and produced by Tom Treumuth (who was also the producer of the band’s very first album in 1984). The songs are classic Honeymoon Suite and the sound is a return to that pure melodic rock that made the band famous in the 80’s. The title of the album is a nod to our roots in Niagara Falls ON where it all started in 1982.

This 2023 remaster has been remixed from the master tracks at Iguana Studios in Toronto ON as a true rock mix bringing the sound into the modern era. Johnnie and Derry recorded two bonus acoustic tracks * to add to the release.


The House / Riffola / That’s All U Got / Why Should I ? / Ordinary / She Ain’t Alright / Sunday Morning / Tired O’ Waiting On You / Restless / Separate Lives / Sittin’ In The Garden / * Ordinary (acoustic) / * Sittin’ In The Garden (acoustic)


Online : July 1, 2023 – Preorder CD/LP Version comes as a limited edition run of 150 units on orange/red swirl vinyl and is packaged with the full CD that includes the newly recorded acoustic tracks. HAND SIGNED BY JOHNNIE AND DERRY.

At Shows : 75 units of orange vinyl and 75 units of yellow vinyl will only be available at shows.